Relationship between depression and debt, quickly debt consolidation when in trouble

2 Mar


Debt is a trigger for depression, debt triggered by depression

Depression is a mental illness that is triggered by excessive stress and the like. If you get sick, you feel depressed, such as feeling depressed, causing a decline in your thinking and motivation, such as concentration and work efficiency decreasing, as well as its effects on the body.

It is a very dangerous disease enough to lead to death in the worst case. There are two relations between such depression and debt. One is when you get depressed because you can not repay a lot of debts, Another is when you can not do work etc due to depression and create debt.

Such a depression and a negative spiral of debt, how can I do without getting into it? I would like to address debt consolidation, which is a coping method for debts that can not be repaid.

It is OK if debt consolidation is okay, it will be depressed with a head in repayment of debts, there is no such thing as hardly being chased by repayment of debts held in depression.

The kind of debt consolidation, what kind of thing is there is easy

Debt consolidation can be roughly divided into three categories. The first one is to arbitrarily organize and negotiate directly with the moneylender and ask them to reduce the amount of debt to the extent that repayment without hindrance can be done. It is often used when the amount of debt is relatively light.

If the amount of debt is somewhat large, it will be civil rehabilitation. This means that the court acknowledges that there is no ability to pay debts and reduces the amount of debt to those that can be repaid in three to five years at reasonable repayment rate minus living expenses from income . Debt is greatly reduced, and life becomes very easy.

If that is not enough, there is also a means of self-bankruptcy. This is to exempt the obligation to pay the debts in exchange for forgetting all expensive assets such as houses and cars, and can be completely released from debt. If you use your own bankruptcy, there will be no regular income, and even if the debt is unexpectedly swollen, it will be okay.

It is better to recommend the use of lawyers, to do all the hard work for all

The work of debt consolidation is quite hard to be honest. Particularly in arbitrary sorting, we will discuss with the lenders directly without court intervention, the content of which is only about what makes the debt monthly repayment amount to such an extent that it does not interfere with our daily lives , The lenders will insist that they will be able to pay more firmly.

If you challenge such difficult negotiations with yourself, there is also a good possibility that depression may get worse, the things that were in a state of lull or recurrence may recur. Even civil rehabilitation and self-bankruptcy, of course, there is no difference that it is very hard to do alone.

As a necessary expenses for some money, it is still advisable to ask , the lawyer for that work. There is also a law firm office that can pay installment and postpay even if you do not currently have the money to pay to a lawyer, so you do not have to worry about asking for debt consolidation work.

Even if you get into a serious situation of depression, fortunately the system that supports you like debt consolidation is in place to a certain extent. Let’s get rid of debt and be safely released from debt that eats our lives.

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