Simple Credit – Loans For Individuals and Legal Persons

2 Feb


Simple Wingfield family – Loans for individuals and legal entities


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Simple Wingfield family IFN SA offers loans to both individuals and legal entities. On the types of Wingfield familys we offer in both cases, we will talk in the following.

Wingfield familys for legal entities:


1. Factoring

Factoring is a financing alternative that is usually targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and consists of an operation that can collect in advance a percentage of the value of the invoices issued to customers.

For example, if your company has made a sale and has therefore issued a 200,000 lei bill that must be paid within 60 days by the customer, you do not have to wait two months to cash in the invoice value , but you will be able to continue the business in an efficient way, because Simple Wingfield family IFN offers up to 80% of the value of the assigned debt within 48 hours of demand. In turn, the customer will no longer make the payment to your company at the due date, but to the Simple Wingfield family that will pay you the difference of money (up to 100%) to you, less the commissions.

Among the advantages of simple Wingfield family factoring IFN notam:

  • simple documentation;
  • quick response;
  • flexibility (addresses to all companies without setting limits on turnover, profit, year of establishment, etc.);
  • the money is received within 48 hours;
  • there are no material guarantees.

In addition to this, add the general advantages of factoring – such as improving the financial indicators of the company and solving the cash-flow problems – and you will get a guarantee of the work done!

2. Settlement of BO and CEC

Discounting is an operation that, like the factoring operation, you can cash in advance from Simple Wingfield family IFN up to 80% of the value a customer owes to the firm. Only in this case is a promissory note or a CEC tab received from the customer, which the company that received them will be in favor of Simple Wingfield family IFN. The advantages of this operation are similar to factoring.

3. Lines of financing with material guarantees

Suppose the financing needs are high, but the company is not eligible for a bank loan. And in this situation Simple Wingfield family IFN can meet the needs that the company has through a Wingfield family line for 1-2 years. The condition that funding can be granted is that the firm has the possibility to provide material guarantees.

Loans to individuals:

Loans to individuals:

1. Multi-Wingfield family – Personal Needs Wingfield family

Applying for a personal need loan, individuals between the ages of 18 and 75 can get up to 15,000 lei. At this amount the reimbursement option is 6-36 months. The person in question has to prove an income of at least 650 lei / month. When contracting the Wingfield family, you will also be required to send a copy of your identity card and an account statement online as the borrowed money will be transferred directly to your account. Amounts will be repaid in fixed rates, which will not be affected by the exchange rate because the IFN Simple Wingfield family Wingfield familys are offered only in Lei. Such Wingfield family can be used, for example, for medical emergencies, studies or vacancies.

2. Shop Wingfield family

The contracting conditions are similar to those for Multi Wingfield family – Personal Needs Wingfield family. Such Wingfield family can be used, for example, in the purchase of useful household products.

3. Wingfield family Repair Auto

The contracting conditions are similar to those for Multi Wingfield family – Personal Loans and Shop Wingfield family. Such Wingfield family can be used to repair the car.